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a weekly movie review podcast. Hosted by Matt and Bryan with some really cool guests.

Sunday show # 79 - Guardians OF the Freggin Galxay Volume 2 ( SPoilers 35mins)

May 7th, 2017

Hey guys! WE are back after a crazy long week, to review the hottest movie of the first weekend of May. We break down the brand new installment of the Space outcast saga " Guaridans of the Galaxy 2 ". pretty heavy stuff. Also we want to thank everyone who voted for us during the Podern Family POd of the week . this past week on twitter. Even tough we didnt win. We saw alotta love . So thank you so much. Enjoy the episode... ALso check out our friends over at the Movie POd Squad -



Matt- @moviemayhempod

Bryan- @bpmcc17