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Sunday show #69…..Episode 1 fuggin Hunnit

February 5th, 2017

We made it you guys . We finally made it to the glorious 💯 episode! And it's a doozy. We gathered up some of the Movie Mayhem veterans from all seasons to take part in our first ever Trivia show. We bring back Mikey ( Interstellar and more) Andrew (Swiss Army Man and more ) Dan ( Labyrinth & Zombeavers) Diana (Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure) and Brian ( Back to the Future, Shaun of the Dead) ... Just a heads up we recorded at the only space available to us that can fit all of was  an office right next to a bathroom. So you know ... EPISODE MOTHA FUGGIN' ONE HUNNIT!!!!!!!


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Mikey- @Dquats

Andrew- @parksxcore

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