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The Sunday Show: Debate aka Movie Fights aka just a whole lot of talking

January 3rd, 2016

2015 has come and gone and this is the episode that sums up the best of the best... Well maybe not. Listen to the 2 hour long episode of Bryan trying to host a Screen Junkie style movie fight... With Matt, Nick and Mikey batting it out. Here are the questions :

1.Top 3 best movies of 2015 iyo
2.Biggest surprise of the year (tv,movies, etc)
2.a.Biggest disappointment of 2015 (movies, tv)
3.Pick a movie from this year and tell me what your dream sequel would go
4.Actor/actress who you think should win or will win an award
5. In December we were treated to some hyped trailers. Which one was the best and which one fell flat
6. Most anticipated non comic book movie of 2016
7. By the end of 2016 what comic book studio will be on top

Matt- @moviemayhempod
Bryan- @Bpmcc17
Mikey- @dequats
Nick- @lil_nick_willy

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