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Sunday Show #108 : Taxi Driver

January 7th, 2018

HEy guys , we are back! We were able to dig ourselves out of all the snow that was left by the bomb Blizzard or what ever bullshit they called it to bring you the start of "Marty Month". If you follow us on Twitter and Instagram , you would have seen that for the next 4 episodes ( well 3 left) we will be reviewing some of Martin Scoreses's classic movies. Taxi Driver, Raging Bull , GoodFellas, and Gangs of New York. Why , you may ask ? well, there is nothing out in the theaters that is super interesting and the good movies that people are giving oscasr buzz to are only playing in like Liclon square. So, take it on the archs kid. Anyway , get ready for Taxi Driver. Also please if you ever are having trouble with depression and need someone to talk to please reach out to any crisis center. here is a list of the New york area crisis centers . But just know you are not alone , there are people everywhere who are ready to help you .  You could even drop us a line 






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