The Movie Mayhem Podcast

a weekly movie review podcast. Hosted by Matt and Bryan with some really cool guests.

Sunday Review Shows :

Hey everyone. This is just a list of the Movies that we have talked about. Also some twitter handles of the friends that have come on 

1. Star Trek Into Darkness  with @Bigq1118
2. Daredevil 2003 - @Parkspod
3. Labrinyth -  Dan ( no SMS)
4. Edge of Tomorrow -@dequats
5. Birdman - @doctor_perk
6. Walking Dead Season 5- @Bigq118
7. A League of their Own- J-Mart (No SMS)
8. Furious7 - @moviemayhempod & @Bpmcc17
9. Batman and Robin - @Doctor_perk
10.Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix parts 1&2- @Dequats
11.Avengers 2: Age of Ultron - @Moviemayhempod &@Bpmcc17
12.The last Samurai - @naptime45 (insta)
13.The Room - Rob (No SMS)
14.The Culture High- @skepticmonkey
15.Mad Max:Fury Road - @truthBtell
16.Drive -@Doctor_perk
17.Ant-man -@moviemayhempod &@bpmcc17
18.Mission Impossible 5 & Fan4stic - @Moviemayhempod &@Bpmcc17
19.The Longest Yard -J-Mart
20.Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure -@ladyDi
21.Inglourious Basterds- @Lil_nick_willy 
22.Zombeavers- Dan
23.Wreck-It-Ralph - Bobby (No SMS)
24.Spaceballs - @PEEEJ44
25.Star Wars episode 4: A New Hope - @ChrisVeraka (insta)
26.Star Wars Episode 5: Empire Strikes back -@Dequats
27.Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi  - @Man_tony
28.Attack The Block- @Lil_nick_willy
29.Back to the Future and some Die hard - @briancully (insta)
30.The Reverant - @Moviemayhempod &@bpmcc17
31.Cloverfield -@Doctor_perk
32.Deadpool - To be redone 
33.Electric Boogaloo The Documentary : @Moviemayhem & @bpmcc17
34.Angels in the Outfield:  @Moviemayhem & @bpmcc17
35.Turbo Kid :  @Moviemayhem & @bpmcc17