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Movie Mayhem

January 20, 2016

Hey everybody... What's up? How are you doing ? Fantastic, you're amazing ! Now that we got the small talk out of the way. Let's get down to the brass tacks of it all. This is  Movie Mayhem... I know that's a pretty sweet name and I thought it was super orignal. Turns out so did like 15 other people but we are the only podcast... to my knowledge, Movie Mayhem first started out as a semi weekly blog post on the blog Underratedheroes. But, as you can tell writing is not my strongest card. But with some moxie and rough and tumble gumption , we have changed our game and have really taken off... kind of

  Each week we try to bring put out the Sunday Review show. Where we have our friends come into the "Studio" and talk about a movie of their choice or a movie that we have seen. So you'll get a good mix of Brand new movies, Classic films that bring you back and brutally honest reviews that end with a numerical rating. You know movie critic stuff. 

  We have only one rule on Movie Mayhem. If we can find it, we can review it. Also no smoking and no subway. So like 3 rules maybe like 6 to be real. But We will not shy away from any movie our guest (friends) want to review. We are also up for suggestions from you the listeners. You can make a suggestion here or at our show email

ENJOY THE SHOW!!!! Also tell your friends . Our advertising budget is pretty small