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Sunday Review Show #7 : A league Of their own

March 30th, 2015

Hey, everyone! The guys are back for their 7th, well, really their 6th movie review. But since they were pretty close with Last weeks Walking dead predictions, I think we can give them a pass on the numbers. This week the guys review the 1992 Penny Marshall classic " A League of Their Own" Starring Geena Davis,Madonna and Tom Hanks as well as a pretty stellar supporting cast. The guys welcome in Fantasy sports expect and good Friend Joey " J-mart" Martingano to talk about the film, some baseball, some serious stuff in the middle and then get his predictions for Wrestlemania 31. 

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Weekly Wrap #10 : Insania before Mania….?

March 26th, 2015

Hey guys , Matt and Bryan are back to recap the week of movie, and tv news. The guys talk about the Return of X-files, Jessie Eisenberg's look for Lex Luthor, A good convo about  Horror movies, The recent Ninja turtles news, A small preview  for Wrestlemania and much more

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Sunday Review Show #6 : The Walking Dead Season 5

March 22nd, 2015

The Guys welcome back Bryan's brother Jimmy to the studio to talk about the current season of the AMC hit show "The Walking Dead". Jimmy hopped a plane flew a few hours  to join the show.  Matt, Jimmy and Bryan breakdown the season and give some predictions, and other crazy ideas for the March 29th season finale. 

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Week Wrap up #9 : Making something from nothing

March 18th, 2015

Did you miss us? No, well that's cool. Give me a minute.... OK so after taking the weekend off to recharge and do some other stuff. Matt and Bryan are back to talk about the weeks worth of... Well nothing . Yeah it was a pretty slow week.  But somehow the guys managed to fill an hour and ten minutes. The touch on the return of Community , How Netflix could have capitalized on some things and some things that the Netflix service has done right. They also talk about the Young Adult movie genre, The Walking Dead, and more . Enjoy 


Weekly Wrap up # 8: Can you believe it ? Well, buckle up butter cup.

March 11th, 2015

Did you listen to last weeks Wrap up and say " Hey , these guys who are usually on the ball forget to mention the New Avengers Trailer?" well , yes we did. Last week was a quick wrap up and we held off the trailer so that we can give its due. Which we did, we gave it at least 40 minutes... Just kidding! So this week not only do Matt and Bryan talk about the recent Marvel news, they give Dc some shine, some new ghostbusters and a bunch more. I hope you enjoy. 


The Sunday Review Show #5 : Birdman

March 8th, 2015

It's Sunday once again and That means it's time to talk about a movie. This week Matt and Bryan welcome their friend and Reality Show enthusiast Chris to talk about Birdman. The winner of Best picture, best Director, best Screen play and a whole bunch of other stuff. The guys really take a serious and deep look into Birdman. Enjoy 

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Weekly Wrap ups 7: After the Snow comes the Mayhem

March 6th, 2015

Hey guys, Sorry we are so late to bring you this Weekly Wrap up episode. There were two decent snow days that caused for some bad driving. This week the Guys look into the New Spiderman Director, Jared Leto's Joker Hair, The Independence day 2 casting and a new segment. Matt is going to give some healthy advice for the up coming blockbuster season... We realized That we forgot about the Avengers 2 trailer by the end of the show. So we will take care of that next episode. Enjoy  

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Sunday Review Show #4 : Edge Of Tomorrow

March 1st, 2015

The Sunday Show is back. This week the guys take a crack at the Tom Cruise and Emily  epic that did not do to well in the U.S market. "The Edge Of Tomorrow" . Matt and Bryan welcome former Underrated Heroes podcaster Mikey or Dequats if you nasty. The guys chat and disagree over pretty much every topic but with a lot of laughs. 

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