The Movie Mayhem Podcast

a weekly movie review podcast. Hosted by Matt and Bryan with some really cool guests.

Snowmapocalypstrfy or whatever

January 26th, 2015

Hey everyone, I just wanted to touch base with you real quick to give a little update. First off thank you so much for listening to episodes 1&2 I hope you enjoyed listening to them as much as we enjoyed recording them. Secondly this weeks episode is probably going to be recorded On Super bowl Sunday because even though Matt and I live and work in the same town , we are going through this crazy snow thing that is really messing up the streets.

So sunday we are going to do a "double cap" aka just all the stuff we missed. And then (drumroll) we will do our first movie review show. So if you are in the tri-state area I hope that warms you up. If your in the other parts of America that is laughing at how dumb we are because we have a hissy fit after 4 inches of snow... Yeah ,well, you guys don't have 24 hour sandwich places. boom there it is. So we are even. So in closing , stay safe, rest up because we will melt your eardrums. Or make you laugh.. Also check out our Buddies over at the Parks Department podcast. If you are into video games, music and etc. Talk to you later

Who needs an outline. We Bring the Mayhem

January 20th, 2015

The Guys sit down once again and shot the poo about a lot of topics. Topics like The American Sniper hub  bub, Tom Hardy dropping out of the Suicide Squad, a little X-men, Batman and Superman, and a whole bunch more. Sit or do stuff , Listen and enjoy !

Oh The mayhem !!!! Weekly Wrap Up #1

January 13th, 2015

Hey Guys... Well here it is ! the First in many Weekly wrap ups. Matt and Bryan shoot the air. Catch up about old times, good times and Nerd times. The guys go through a run down of the current movie and Tv news. Give it a listen. Hope you enjoy !